Friday, 8 October 2010

Lineker finds more problems than solutions Part III

Ever since the Premiership was formed it has branded itself as the most exciting league in the world. It is watched by more people than any other league and generates more money than the rest of the top European leagues put together. However, the speed and physicality of the league means that technically gifted players find it harder to succeed than those in Germany and Spain.

When you watch the top Spanish sides play their ability to retain possession is very noticeable, whether they play the ball forward or backwards the key is ball retention. This is generally frowned upon in England and is usually met with
a chorus of boos; even at Arsenal who usually retain the ball better than any other side. Since Capello took the England job he has attempted to make this a vital part of their play; he is finding though that many of the players simply cannot play this style of football.

Klinsmann was interviewed on this programme and he made the point that England need to decide exactly how they are going to play and stick with it. Teams need to be flexible but the players need to know what to expect when they turn up for international games. England's style is fast and direct with plenty of pressure put on the opposition; when they play like this they can beat almost anyone. The key to this is encouraging players and fans to learn more about differing football styles and cultures so that they can vary things quickly and efficiently.

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