Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Lineker finds more problems than solutions...Part I

As I sat there watching Sunday nights ‘Can England win the next World Cup’ it struck me that the problems are more systematic of England’s psychological make-up than merely their ability to play football. For some reason there seems to be a reluctance to change the methods and adhere to the German or Spanish methods of producing young, technically gifted players; Martin Samuel stated that he feels England are trying to buy success rather than develop it.

The template Spain have used to achieve their recent success appears to be the most coveted; although it really isn’t as simple as it looks. Mourinho added towards the end that English children are encouraged to win first and play well 2nd; this is the polar opposite to how young players are taught across Spain. This cannot be remedied over night and is something that will take time to change. What is so disappointing is that none of the changes we hoped would be implemented appear to be taking place; Kevin Davies selection yesterday proving the point.

A more logical approach is needed from the FA and Premier League to promote a different brand of football than we see on a weekly basis. There are any number of factors that have contributed to England’s lack of success over recent generations; attitude, climate, expectation, the influence of the Premier League, money, national identity and many more. I will look to discuss these at further length over the coming days.

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