Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Lineker finds more problems than solutions Part II

The relationship between the FA and the Premier League is one that concerns me and I believe has a major influence on the national team. The fact that the top clubs in this country report to both rather than having one centralised organisation is wrong.

The FA is there to protect, promote and govern the game in this country. How can an entirely separate entity that appears to be predominantly concerned with their bank balance be allowed to have a significant measure of control? The Premier League has revolutionised football in this country, not only on the pitch but off it as well. There is much to be thankful for but one wonders whether more efforts should and could have been made to safe guard the vast sums of money given to English clubs.

The shambles that is Liverpool football club is not the fault of the Premiership; but can it be entirely blameless? What exactly happened at Portsmouth? Money was being spent when it didn’t exist; it was on the assumption they would get these big payouts for the Premier League. Teenagers are no longer responsible for cleaning the 1st team squad’s boots; they are earning hundreds of thousands of pounds when they haven’t even made it yet. How can this be right?

If England’s nation team is to progress it needs to be alongside the FA taking responsibility for football in this country. Money does talk but the Premier League has now been around for the best part of 2 decades whilst the gap between England and its rivals is simply getting bigger and bigger.

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