Thursday, 14 October 2010

Cesc calls for a winning mentality

The latest rumbling from the Arsenal camp has been revealed today with their captain Cesc Fabregas insisting they have the quality but lack the winning mentality. Few could argue that they possess the style to compete with the best but there is still a significant gulf in class between themselves and the top clubs. The recent defeat to Chelsea demonstrated this again; they are several players short of being a top side.

The goalkeeping situation has been discussed to death and is a glaring error on Wenger’s part. The defence has been bolstered this season but is still miles behind Chelsea’s and United’s (if all fit), they have good left backs but that is unfortunately it. Vermaelen has been injured for weeks now and there is no news on when he will return; he looks a decent prospect but is still making too many errors at the top level.

The defence is of utmost importance for Arsenal as Song just is not good enough at this level. There were indications last season that he maybe able to step up but he has no discipline or positional sense and is generally a liability to the team. Whilst they do have some significant injuries one feels we have been here to many times in the past. They play Birmingham at home this weekend and will win comfortably which will paper over the cracks.

The captain and manager have both called for a winning mentality but how exactly are they supposed to get one? Cesc wanted out this summer and the only reason he remains is because negotiations stalled between the 2 clubs. There are some promising players coming through but until they can achieve some decent results against the top teams a winning mentality is impossible.

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