Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Ferguson puts end to speculation

This afternoons press conference was truly remarkable. Alex Ferguson appeared in front of the media to discuss his club's forthcoming Champions League fixture but nobody was concerned; everyone was there to hear what he had to say about Wayne Rooney. The rumours have been flying around since it broke on Sunday evening and it was nice to finally hear some truth.

Rooney will not sign a new contract and wants out of United.

Ferguson clearly feels let down by Rooney but stated he has had not fallen out with him. This whole situation is exactly why football agents are loathed by managers and fans alike. It certainly seems to me that someone has been whispering in Rooney's ear saying 'lets get one more big deal in before you retire'. Now as much as it seems crazy to be talking about his retirement his agent will already have calculated how much the pair could earn from such a lucrative move.

Football as a whole has been dominated by financial issues for the last few weeks with Liverpool's issues and United's debt levels. Now it has arisen again simply because of greed. Rooney is a superb player but he is not bigger or better than any club; if he goes to Manchester City he will deserve everything he gets!

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