Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Wenger shows lack of ideas again

Yesterdays defeat at Old Trafford for Arsenal will come as huge blow to everyone associated with the club. They arrived in Manchester top of the Premier League and were hoping to demonstrate their title credentials against their old foes. Unfortunately for them they came up short again to a United side who know exactly how to exploit the Arsenal weaknesses.

It is getting incredibly boring being told by everyone from Wenger to the average Arsenal fan how the club is building and how people need to be more patient and loyal but surely enough is enough. While I agree that managers need time it is also incredibly important to realise when its time for a change. United have devised the ideal blueprint to stifle Wenger’s side year in year out and he is not changing anything; stubbornness can often be the biggest downfall for people who strive to reach the top.

People have been blaming Arsenal’s injuries and how Ferguson packs his midfield with players who can all play box to box. It can surely be no coincidence that Park has scored more goals against Wenger’s men than anyone other side; he is exactly what is required when playing Arsenal.

It may well be 6 year without a trophy if Arsenal do not win the Carling Cup this season; which is highly improbable given some of the unusual exits this year. Any club who goes this length of time without winning major trophies should no longer be considered a good side and changes should be made. It is also Wenger’s inability to adapt his tactics in certain situations that show his errors on a larger scale. We are all told as youngsters that we need to learn from out mistakes and this applies more to the Frenchman than most at this time; I just don’t think he will which leaves Arsenal with a big decision.

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