Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Venky group could ruin Blackburn

When Blackburn Rovers were taken over less than a month ago I was relatively optimistic. Having seen the debacle at Liverpool and Manchester United I was confident that John Williams would never have entered into an agreement with anyone he was less than 110% sure about. The Jack Walker legacy would be maintained and the club would continue to be run efficiently.

Suddenly on Monday afternoon my mobile goes off and a friend had text me to inform me of Sam Allardyce’s sacking; this cannot be true I thought. Although the 7-1 defeat to United was embarrassing it is not unusual for Rovers to get thrashed away from home against the top clubs. Although the current position of 13th is nothing to get excited about this month presented us with winnable fixtures that could have moved us further up the league.

All of a sudden the game at Ewood Park against West Ham on Saturday is crucial, a loss and there could be a rapid descent down the league table. Ryan Nelson the former club captain has already spoken of his frustration at losing Allardyce and one has to wonder how it will affect many of the other players. In situations like this it is always difficult to predict but these players are professional and should act in that capacity.

Steve Kean will be looking after the managerial duties over the coming weeks with the news that it could be a couple of months until a successor to Allardyce is found. The appointment will be a clear indication of the Venky Group’s plans for Blackburn. If we can attract a good European manager with some top pedigree it may bode well for the future. The arrival of a Hughton or Curbishley would not be an improvement on Big Sam and would be a worrying sign for the club.

The coming weeks will be incredibly tense for Blackburn fans and the fact that we still do not really know the intentions of our owners is a massive concern. Although for the first time we may be able to empathise with the likes of Chelsea, Liverpool and United fans; who knows, maybe in the not too distant futures we may be mentioned aside such illustrious clubs.

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