Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Thank goodness for Spain

Football was finally the winner in the 116th minute of a dreadful world cup final on Sunday night. The showpiece final descended into the most farcical game of football I can ever recall seeing. The Dutch were quite simply a disgrace to world football and deservedly lost the game after Iniesta’s marvellous strike. Everyone who sat down to watch the game on Sunday evening believed we were about to witness a thrilling game of attacking football; what followed was not even football, there were 14 players playing football and the rest were out to hurt the opposition.

I really believe that no time should be wasted on talking about the Dutch; they were an embarrassment to the game and to themselves. I would like to think that Cruyff, Neeskens, Rep et al turned the game off at half-time in disgust. A legacy had been left to these players and they ruined 36 years of football culture in 120 minutes.

It was fitting that the man of the match scored the winner; Iniesta’s displays in the later stages of this tournament have ensured he will be remembered as one of the truly great players. His absence from the Barcelona team this season probably cost them a 2nd consecutive Champions League triumph (although ifs and buts should never be taken too seriously) but at 26 he still has time on his side to correct that. The 2010 World Cup Final should be remembered for his goal, just try to shut out who the opposition were.

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