Thursday, 8 July 2010

The definition of World Class

Last nights semi final in Durban will be remembered for Carlos Puyol’s fantastic header, but the performances from the 2 best midfielders in world football will be etched in the memories of everyone who witnessed it. The way Xavi and his Catalan compatriot Iniesta controlled the game was a model example to the rest of the world. These 2 players are at the peak of their ability and have given the term ‘world class’ a true meaning.

There have been so many players over the years that have never gone on to win footballs’ biggest prizes and accolades but these 2 are on the verge of making football history. Spain has never won the World Cup and not once have the reigning European Champions gone on to lift the trophy. The statisticians from the World Cup have stated that Xavi touches the ball every 46 seconds on average which is astonishing, whilst Iniesta was involved in every threatening move the Spaniards made.

Credit should not be taken away from Germany as their side have been brilliant to watch in this tournament and with youth on their side they will be back bigger, better and stronger for the Euros. It is the Spaniard’s time and they are embracing the challenge each round is presenting. It is unlikely that we will see a generation of players this good for another decade or so and it is easy to understand why they are so instrumental in both Barcelona and Spain’s fortunes.

Xavi Hernandez is the epitome of a modern day play maker whose range of passing is simply outstanding. Whilst Andres Iniesta could simply play anywhere on the pitch, he is that good. These players deserve all the plaudits and accolades they get in the coming months and years. They are truly exceptional players and it is just a shame we have to wait until Sunday to see them play again.


  1. Keeping the shirt warm for Fabregas

  2. There is no doubting Fabregas has great ability but to talk about him in the same breathe as world class players at the moment is nonsense

  3. I think Fabregas is at his best when he's warming the bench!

  4. To honest that's all he would be doing if he was go back to Barca, which is a shame for him really as he'd still remained a barca player he would be accustomed to playing good football and having winners medals to show for it!