Monday, 24 May 2010

An exciting summer ahead

When the final whistle sounded in the Bernabeu on Saturday night the 2009/10 season was effectively over (playoffs apart). It was not the most entertaining game of this season Champions League but the best side prevailed and were worthy winners for the first time in 45 years. In his post match interview Jose Mourinho finally gave us an indication of where he intends to be at the start of next season – at Real Madrid. The world cup commences in just less than 3 weeks and even without the excitement of that it promises to be a fascinating summer.

With the revelations coming from Arsenal last week of Fabregas’ decision to leave Arsenal some of the big money moves could be completed in the next couple of weeks. Even before this news broke Barcelona had already completed the £34.2 million signing of David Villa from Valencia. The thought of Villa and Messi playing in the same side and being assisted by Iniesta, Xavi and maybe Fabregas is one that any football fan is already relishing. There are also strong rumours suggesting they may well swoop for Torres as well which would surely make them untouchable next season?!

In England it looks like the big spenders are going to be Manchester City and Spurs which will certainly make the battle for the top 4 very interesting next year. Chelsea and United will surely spend some money on players but it will be a couple of players to improve existing squads rather than the major overhauls there could be elsewhere. Those 2 clubs will occupy the top 2 positions in the league table next year as the gap between them and the chasing pack gets ever greater. What happens at Liverpool this summer is anyone’s guess and one that few would predict this early in the summer; with the future of Benitez, Gerrard and Torres in doubt as well as the financial crisis they are facing leaves many questions unanswered.

The fall from grace that the Italian league has endured over the last 4-5 years looks as if it is coming to an end. Ranieri has guided Roma to 2nd and put more pressure on Inter than they have had in the last few years. With the re-emergence of Sampdoria and Fiorentina the league is getting stronger and the players they can attract is steadily improving as well.

The summer has the potential to be very entertaining and there will still be money spent after the World Cup has reached its conclusion on 11th July. Although the football season is almost over this summer already feels like one of genuine excitement and endless possibilities. Hopefully it will not fail to disappoint……

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