Saturday, 1 May 2010

The end is nigh

The 2009/10 title should be decided by the time the final whistle blows at Anfield tomorrow afternoon. If Chelsea win at Liverpool in the big lunch time clash they will surely be crowned champions for the first time in 3 years. With hindsight Ancelotti could rue the fact that it has taken until the penultimate game to determine who will be Premier League Champions.

If Chelsea win tomorrows game they will have taken maximum points from the 6 games against last year’s top 4. The end of their season should not have been quite so delicately poised. They have thrown away points this season when it simply seemed impossible to do so, with the defeat at Wigan along with draws against Birmingham, Blackburn, Hull and West Ham. Admittedly it is Ancelotti’s first season but the players at Chelsea’s disposal have enough experience and ability to have come through these games.

The League this season has been more exciting because of unlikely results but the top teams have been poorer and less consistent than in recent years. The fact that there is still a battle for 4th when Liverpool have been so poor indicates that the teams closing on Chelsea and United are worse off than anyone thought. United have been going through a transition after the loss of Ronaldo and Tevez in the summer but they have easily picked off the competition around them in the big games but have lost to Chelsea twice. The top 2 sides are the strongest sides in the league by quite some way at this moment and only a serious spending spree by any of their rivals can bridge the gap.

Both sides however do face issues of their own in order to counteract the inconsistencies shown this season. Chelsea must start bringing in or developing the next generation of players and must somehow find a way of keeping the awesome Michael Essien fit for a whole season. United meanwhile face the tasks of taking some responsibility from Wayne Rooney in scoring their goals and must continue to seek for a replacement for Paul Scholes; the 2nd one continues to be Ferguson’s hardest job before retiring.

Chelsea should become Champions this season if they can win at Anfield tomorrow. They have been the best side in the league this season and in beating all their rivals in the manner they have done demonstrates Championship winning attributes. The true test of Champions though will be coming back bigger, better and stronger next season as United have demonstrated time and again. Ferguson’s side have had a disappointing season but not as bad as many pundits had predicted before it started. Ancelotti’s men should be deserved champions this season but anyone who writes Fergie off should be prepared for a backlash, everyone is eagerly awaiting next season already...

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