Thursday, 10 February 2011

Wilshire impresses as holding midfielder

The news that Fabio Capello would play Jack Wilshire as a defensive midfielder appeared to affect people far more than I thought. Surely it was a logical decision for him to play there as he has spent the majority of the season in that position at Arsenal. However, the uproar from the English media, added with Nicklas Bendtner’s comments certainly made this a tough test for the 19 year old.

It has been a hard season already for Wilshire who has been written and talked about more than any other English player in terms of future ability. He appears to be a very grounded individual who simply enjoys playing the game as it should be played and is very assured at doing so.

I really cannot understand the surprise at playing him in that position as previous players in that role have been hopeless (Owen Hargreaves excluded). The much admired Gareth Barry is a distinctly average player who offers nothing but a screening in front of the back four. Whilst this would be a requirement for a lower ranked team England should surely be trying to replicate the top nations by having a slightly more creative player in that position. The midfield looked far better equipped when going forward but will take time to gel defensively with so many changes being enforced.

If England are to improve the standard of football must get better (surely it cannot get any worse?!) and players like Wilshire must be playing at the top level at a young age to reach their potential. Although it was only a friendly last night I would not be surprised to see him continue in this role in the qualifiers; he has everything needed to become a world class player for Arsenal and England.

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