Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Ronaldinho to Blackburn

This title is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever written; just the idea of it makes me chuckle. Ronaldinho has graced Ewood Park in Pro Evolution and Football manager but seriously in real life??? Not a chance! Football has always been a game of ifs and buts (ask any Arsenal fan) but if this is what the Venky group has in mind for the regeneration of Blackburn Rovers they are deluded.

There is no doubt that Ronaldinho was once the finest player on this planet; his performance in the Santiago Bernebeu to earn a standing ovation from the Madrid fans was one of the finest spectacles ever witnessed. If he had been playing regularly at Milan and playing well I would be incredibly excited about the possibility of him arriving. In reality the once great genius has become a fading force among the footballing elite, the game has evolved and he has been left by the wayside. He will surely return to Gremio where he began his career 12 years ago; he will be the star attraction and will be given free rein to behave how he wants.

It is a statement of intend by the new Blackburn owners but one that is flawed in so many ways. Steve Kean is just starting his managerial career and they want to intrust one of the biggest playboys the game has seen over the last decade, a man who doesn’t train, parties all night and then strolls round the pitch. This is not what Kean needs. If they want to attract big names Rovers need young, hungry and gifted players who can take the club forward. The foreign owners seem to believe that a marque signing makes everything ok when in reality it would turn sour after a couple of weeks.

I am still utterly flabbergasted by what I am seeing at my club. We are sitting in mid table with 25 points so we should survive this season but I am becoming increasingly concerned with the future. Kean seems an impressive man when interviewed, he appears knowledgeable and forthright which is what we need at the moment. However, until we can get a clearer picture of exactly what the Venky’s intentions are I will be a nervous man.

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